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Macrochip and Logic Upgrades V4.11

Virtual Circuitry

  1. Update

    A few additions with this one.

    Extra Components
    ● 4-bit ALU *
    ● 4-bit Comparator
    ● Switchbank (4 switches)**
    ● 7-digit, 4-nibble BCD Display/Converter ***

    Component menu shuffled a bit. Probably will need to revise if I want to fit anything else now!

    *Here is the Datasheet for the complicated ALU! You can also find a new page in the manual with this table.

    ** For the Switchbank, press [pageup] or [pagedown] after selecting a switch from the component menu.

    *** For the 7-digit BCD, press [pageup] or [pagedown] after selecting a hexidecimal display from the component menu.

    Extra Objects
    Decimal and Giant Decimal Display objects, craftable from the Wiring Station.
    [ 10/15 = blank, 11 = minus, 12-14 = E r & for Error, matching outputs from 7-digit BCD component above ]

    An additional skin to fit in with recent vanilla game 'Station' objects available on the Macrochips thru their options menu.
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