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Macrochip and Logic Upgrades V4.11

Virtual Circuitry

  1. Megamacrochips?!


    • Megamacrochips - Extra big macrochips, with 24 nodes. TWENTY FOUR NODES. A dozen each of inputs and outputs. These are arranged like so:

    • Extra wiring functionality - you can now wire from/to the grey intermediary nodes to suitable input/output nodes on components and vice versa. Think of these as 'wire trees' with roots from outputs and branches ending at inputs. You can't have a root from a branch, or a branch from a root.
    Hopefully this works well, took a lot of headscratching to get this new script working, and all tests I've run so far have been successful for this version.

    Next on my agenda is making it possible to select two adjacent nodes in a wire to allow adding a new node between them, or selecting an input/output that are already connected to select the wire between them specifically, so you can delete that and not have to delete all the wires from that component node.​


    Reduced the size of the Macrochip Wizard and his hints.
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