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Macrochip and Logic Upgrades V4.11

Virtual Circuitry

  1. Version 1.3 Glad Giraffe

    moveicon_sel.png inspecticon_sel.png
    • Move and Inspect mode icons, keyboard shortcuts [M] and [N] respectively. In move mode, you can click on already placed components and re position them. Inspect mode works as before. You can drag the board about in move, wiring, inspect and delete modes.
    • Randomizer component. The Randomizer outputs to one of its connected nodes, chosen at random, when the designated interval passes. The input node, if used, enables or disables the Randomizers timer.
    • Switch component. The Switch can be toggled on and off by left clicking on it whilst you are in Inspect mode. Useful for testing or manual control of circuitry from within the Macrochip console.
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