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Macrochip and Logic Upgrades V4.11

Virtual Circuitry

  1. Remote Nodes

    remoteinput.png remoteoutput.png


    remoteinput.png Remote Input and remoteoutput.png Remote Output node objects and their respective macrochip components. These are still quite experimental but I think they are at a testing level for those who might be interested in trying them out. These should allow users to go beyond the macrochip objects own limit of 4 input and 4 output external nodes. I intend to make these re-nameable and allow them to go invisible at users request.

    Currently these remote node objects have randomized names (which you can check by interacting with them) and [+] [-] on the remote components whilst in Inspect mode over them will cycle through available detected remote nodes. There is a roughly 40 tile radius for the remote signal between macrochips and these remote nodes.

    Note: You can /spawnitem remoteinput and remoteoutput whilst in /admin mode.

    • The virtual circuit netlist data on the macrochip is now prioritized, which should make the digital circuits work more smoothly. Feedback loops (wiring components outputs back to an earlier point on the circuit) might potentially cause some issues but so far in testing it seems to work well.
    • A lot of other under-the-hood scripting stuff and minor bug fixing.
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