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M.S.C.S 0.1.5

Matter to Spawner Converter System

  1. Sylvir
    Matter to Spawner Converter System
    Turn basic materials, blocks, liquids and many other things into spawners which will generate the resource depending on the level. These Spawners dont need tilled tiles or water. They can be stacked on top of each other.
    Hope you like it and please tell me your opinions and ideas. Thanks

    - Coal Spawner V1, Coal Spawner V2. Coal Spawner V3
    - Copper Spawner V1, Copper Spawner V2, Copper Spawner V3
    - Copper Bar Spawner V1, Copper Bar Spawner V2, Copper Bar Spawner V3
    - Silver Spawner V1, Silver Spawner V2, Silver Spawner V3
    - Silver Bar Spawner V1, Silver Bar Spawner V2, Silver Bar Spawner V3
    - Gold Spawner V1, Gold Spawner V2, Gold Spawner V3
    - Gold Bar Spawner V1, Gold Bar Spawner V2, Gold Bar Spawner V3
    - Iron Spawner V1, Iron Spawner V2, Iron Spawner V3
    - Iron Bar Spawner V1, Iron Bar Spawner V2, Iron Bar Spawner V3
    - Tungsten Spawner V1, Tungsten Spawner V2, Tungsten Spawner V3
    - Tungsten Bar Spawner V1, Tungsten Bar Spawner V2, Tungsten Bar Spawner V3
    - Titanium Spawner V1, Titanium Spawner V2, Titanium Spawner V3
    - Titanium Bar Spawner V1, Titanium Bar Spawner V2, Titanium Bar Spawner V3
    - Durasteel Spawner V1, Durasteel Spawner V2, Durasteel Spawner V3
    - Durasteel Bar Spawner V1, Durasteel Bar Spawner V2, Durasteel Bar Spawner V3
    - Aegisalt Spawner V1, Aegisalt Spawner V2, Aegisalt Spawner V3
    - Refined Aegisalt Spawner V1, Refined Aegisalt Spawner V2, Refined Aegisalt Spawner V3
    - Ferozium Spawner V1, Ferozium Spawner V2, Ferozium Spawner V3
    - Refined Ferozium Spawner V1, Refined Ferozium Spawner V2, Refined Ferozium Spawner V3
    - Violium Spawner V1, Violium Spawner V2, Violium Spawner V3
    - Refined Violium Spawner V1, Refined Violium Spawner V2, Refined Violium Spawner V3
    - Solarium Spawner V1, Solarium Spawner V2, Solarium Spawner V3
    - Solarium Star Spawner V1, Solarium Star Spawner V2, Solarium Star Spawner V3
    - Diamond Spawner V1, Diamond Spawner V2, Diamond Spawner V3
    - Prism Shard Spawner V1, Prism Shard Spawner V2, Prism Shard Spawner V3
    - Core Fragment Spawner V1, Core Fragment Spawner V2, Core Fragment Spawner V3
    - Erchius Crystal Spawner V1, Erchius Crystal Spawner V2, Erchius Crystal Spawner V3
    -Crystal Erchius Fuel Spawner V2, Crystal Erchius Fuel Spawner V1, Crystal Erchius Fuel Spawner V3
    -Coconut Milk Spawner V1, Coconut Milk Spawner V2, Coconut Milk Spawner V3
    - Healing Water Spawner V1, Healing Water Spawner V2, Healing Water Spawner V3
    - Lava Spawner V1, Lava Spawner V2, Lava Spawner V3
    - Liquid Erchius Fuel Spawner V1, Liquid Erchius Fuel Spawner V2, Liquid Erchius Fuel Spawner V3
    - Oil Spawner V1, Oil Spawner V2, Oil Spawner V3
    - Poison Spawner V1, Poison Spawner V2, Poison Spawner V3
    - Slime Spawner V1, Slime Spawner V2, Slime Spawner V3
    - Swamp Water Spawner V1, Swamp Water Spawner V2, Swamp Water Spawner V3
    - Water Spawner V1, Water Spawner V2, Water Spawner V3
    - Alien Rock Spawner V1, Alien Rock Spawner V2, Alien Rock Spawner V3
    - Ash Pile Spawner V1, Ash Pile Spawner V2, Ash Pile Spawner V3
    - Blaststone Spawner V1, Blaststone Spawner V2, Blaststone Spawner V3
    - Blue Glow Rock Spawner V1, Blue Glow Rock Spawner V2, Blue Glow Rock Spawner V3
    - Brains Spawner V1, Brains Spawner V2, Brains Spawner V3
    - Clay Spawner V1, Clay Spawner V2, Clay Spawner V3
    - Cobblestone Spawner V1, Cobblestone Spawner V2, Cobblestone Spawner V3
    - Corrupt Dirt Spawner V1, Corrupt Dirt Spawner V2, Corrupt Dirt Spawner V3
    - Dire Stone Spawner V1, Dire Stone Spawner V2, Dire Stone Spawner V3
    - Dirt Spawner V1, Dirt Spawner V2, Dirt Spawner V3
    - Dry Dirt Spawner V1, Dry Dirt Spawner V2, Dry Dirt Spawner V3
    - Dry Sand Spawner V1, Dry Sand Spawner V2, Dry Sand Spawner V3
    - Flesh Chunk Spawner V1, Flesh Chunk Spawner V2, Flesh Chunk Spawner V3
    - Frozen Dirt Spawner V1, Frozen Dirt Spawner V2, Frozen Dirt Spawner V3
    - Geode Crystal Spawner V1, Geode Crystal Spawner V2, Geode Crystal Spawner V3
    - Geode Stone Spawner V1, Geode Stone Spawner V2, Geode Stone Spawner V3

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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