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Outdated [ M|R ] Mad Doctor's Experiements [sg]v09

A modders asset of examples of various things I made for my mods.

  1. Liquid Transfer and Wheat Farmable Update

    The | Suit
    Liquid Transfer
    In this experiment i wanted to make a simple drain which just doesn't destroy the liquid but transfer it from one location to another. Unfortunetly the concept which was suppose to be simple ended up a nightmare. It was thanks to mainly @storm_uk as well as Omni \ and standup comedy of @astralator that I was able to hash out a basic concept.

    It works through an unused vanillia function called. getOutboundNodeIds also the opposite...
  2. Fixed Water Drinking Script , Documented Particles v.08

    The | Suit
    This update is more of fix the old stuff update.

    There are 2 major changes here.
    1. I documented particle emitter in the read me so you have a better idea of each line. As well as added a few optional lines which were added recently.
    2. The other thing is I updated the water drinking script to something much more basic and workable. This way the basic concept is so much easier to understand than the monstrosity it was before.
  3. Species Specific Status Effects V07

    The | Suit
    In this update I wanted to make a species Specific Status Effect. Where a certain species has a different effect than others based on the same effect.

    In this test case I made a "food allergy" which is customizable through JSON in the status effect file. You will find this new effect in madExp_status \ allergy
    The item involved in statusA
  4. Bleeding 2.0 An Evolving Status Effect

    The | Suit
    Though there are a few changes to other experiments [ honestly I forget what I changed - some might have even broke with the changes, you can see the changes in the github history page ]

    [ Found in folder modExp_Status ] - Not bleeding Sickness that is the older version

    Anywho this update focuses on creating an "evolving status effect".
    The question of course what the heck does that mean?

    In this example the bleeding status effect increases every...
  5. Pet Experiments

    The | Suit
    Just went off track to see what can be done with pets.
    There are 2 pet mods one which randomizes pet spawn the other which lets you choose which pets to spawn.

    Unlike the actual mods released separately these include the readme files which explain important aspects of the mods also.
  6. Wheat Drinking Water

    The | Suit
    Update v.04 - Plant Drinking Liquids Part 2
    So did more work on plants which require liquids.
    Wheat now searches for liquids 2 tiles below it and searches for a specific liquid type and drinks it. The liquid type of the object is placed in the JSON object file and is based on the liquids.config

    The plant runs every 5 seconds and consumes 1 block of water and adds 100 units of water to its reserves. It stores upto 1000 units of water. 1 unit of...
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  7. New Farmable Conditions

    The | Suit
    Version 0.03 Changelg
    • Automato seed requires iron blocks to grow.
    • Wheat consumes water and dies if water inside wheat reaches 0
    • messed around with some particle effects
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  8. Complete Reorganization

    The | Suit
    The first release was pretty messy and was with my own organizational understanding which is a mess for some one else to understand.

    I completely overhauled the directory structure from the ground up and placed each experiment in its own folder. Added a readme to each one so you know what is happening with each mod.