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Outdated [ M|R ] Mad Doctor's Experiements [sg]v09

A modders asset of examples of various things I made for my mods.

  1. Liquid Transfer and Wheat Farmable Update

    The | Suit
    Liquid Transfer
    In this experiment i wanted to make a simple drain which just doesn't destroy the liquid but transfer it from one location to another. Unfortunetly the concept which was suppose to be simple ended up a nightmare. It was thanks to mainly @storm_uk as well as Omni \ and standup comedy of @astralator that I was able to hash out a basic concept.

    It works through an unused vanillia function called. getOutboundNodeIds also the opposite exists getInboundNodeIds in case you were courious.

    The value which returns is table[key] = node location.
    table is just a generic table. The key is the entity id of the object it is connecting to or object which is being connected to it respectively. And node id is which node it is connecting too of the other object.

    world.liquidAt() Update
    Some time back it seems this was changed. Now the output is
    • 1 = Liquid Type [liquids.config #]
    • 2 = Liquid Amount
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