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Outdated [ M|R ] Mad Doctor's Experiements [sg]v09

A modders asset of examples of various things I made for my mods.

  1. haynesy566
    Version: [sg]v09
    Yay now i can make more mod thingies for my game thingies, hurray for mod thingies
  2. Kayuko
    Version: [SG]v.04
    Great examples for lazy and / or clueless people. :D
  3. sayter
    Version: [SG]v.04
    A useful resource, for certain. I'll be finding ways to work this in to FU fairly soon. I want to scrub the rest of my to-do ledger clean before I add more features though, or they'll never get done.
  4. greenRAM
    Version: [SG]v002
    Excited to see what else is possible.
  5. Dekadrachm
    Version: [SG] v.001
    How nice it is to have someone give example work to help boost the modding community props to you sir...
    1. The | Suit
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I updated the mod to a much more organized standard and added readme's to each file. So now it will be more easier to understand what is going on.