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Lucario Race 1.3.3 1.2

Now you can be a fluzzy Lucario!!!

  1. Zancuno
    Now you can be a fluzzy lucario. Take control of the famous Aura Jackal as a playable race!!

    The Lucario Race was first created for Starbound by Ochiru Yuki

    On this Page here:

    I have the grace and Green Light of Ochiru Yuki to bring this mod to you!

    Page currently under construction because of Steam Workshop Release, please Standby

    Also if you have downloaded the Steam Workshop version of this mod, please remove the raw files provided here from your mod folder. You cannot have both at once.

    So what does this mod have for you:


    This mod adds the lucario race to your game with more than 60 million different possible character creation possibilities!!

    -Gender Different or Game Canon Neutral Body
    -27 different hair styles
    -30 hair colors
    -21 fur colors
    -10 eye colors
    -Spikeless Paw Option
    -Spikeless Chest Option
    -Mega paw Color Option
    -Lucario Tail Option
    -Riolu Tail Option
    -Fluffy Tail Option
    -Normal Appendages
    -Riolu Appendages
    -Mega Color Tipped Appendages
    -No Appendages Option


    -Auracite Crystals for crafting
    -Essence of Aura for aura based items
    -Custom Reward Bags for Armor Tree
    -Pecha Berries
    -Pecha Berry Juice
    -Chesto Berries
    -Chesto Berry Juice
    -Chesto Berry Light (basically a flare but not red)
    -Type-CB (An Ocarina made from a chesto berry)
    -Shieldon Shield
    -Aura Sphere (levels 1-4)
    -Guardian's Sword
    -Night's End (sword)
    -Materia Blade
    -Modified Apex Commander Clothing
    -Modified Apex Officer Clothing
    -Modified Apex Navy Clothing
    -Modified Apex Specialist Clothing
    -Tier 1 Armors
    -Tier 2 Armors
    -Tier 3 Armors
    -Tier 4 Armors
    -Tier 5 and 6 Armors currently invisible, will be applied in a future update
    -Backpack (has no use)
    -Travelpack (Backpack but instead lights the area)
    -LSU (EPP)


    -Aura Bed (for lucario tenant spawning)
    -Mega Lucario Big Statue (for decoration and or lucario spawning)
    -Custom Ships (Tiers 1-8)

    lucarioT1.PNG lucarioT2.PNG lucarioT3.PNG lucarioT4.PNG lucarioT5.PNG lucarioT6.PNG lucarioT7.PNG lucarioT8.PNG

    -Custom Ship Objects (doors, chairs, etc)
    -Custom S.A.I.L.
    -Move Chamber (beta) (used for crafting pokemon based weapons)
    -Auracite Crystallizer (beta) (used for crafting auracites for aura based items)
    -Dan's Gift Box (In honor of DanFox) (Used to craft mod swords)


    -Lucario Villager Tenants
    -Lucario Guard Tenants
    -Lucario Merchant Tenants
    -Lucario Ship Crew


    Custom Dialog for the Lucario
    Custom Dialog for canon races speaking to a Lucario
    Custom Dialog for Lucario speaking to canon races


    How to install on Steam Workshop:
    Subscribe to the mod!! No hassle needed
    *Note you will not get to play beta builds*

    How to manually install (for beta testing or other reasons):
    1. Download the mod
    2. Locate your mods folder on your PC

    It can be found at

    (C:/OS:/User:/PC: )/program files (x86)/steam/steam apps/common/starbound/mods

    3. Place the zip file under the file named "mods_go_here"

    4. Delete any old Lucario mod folders if they exist before unzipping.

    5. Unzip the zip file in this location. It should create a folder named "lucario". All mod assets should be inside this folder.

    6. Move the zip file to a safe place in case you need to re-install.

    The mod should be ready to use!


    Instructions for Character Creation

    Fur Color Controls:
    -Body type
    -Tail type
    -Chest fur color
    -Blue fur color
    -Chest Spike

    Mask Color Controls:
    -Hair color
    -Dark parts of a lucario's fur pattern

    Eye Color Controls:
    -Eye color
    -Mega color
    -Paw spikes
    -Mega colored paws

    **Click through these options until you get the traits you desire. Click through the clothing until you find the clothing that matches your lucario traits.**


    Armor Tree Instructions:

    Upon starting your game, there will be customized reward bags in your Ship Locker. Each reward bag has in it's details as to what body type it is for,

    To find your body type, answer these questions:
    What body do I have?
    What tail do I have?
    Do I have a chest spike?
    Do I have paw spikes?

    These answers will provide you what you need to now to select the correct branch of the armor tree.

    Chest Reward Bags Give You:
    The Tier 1 armor blueprint of your chest and spike type. Using the blueprint will unlock the armor to be craftable, crafting the armor will unlock the next tier.

    Pants Reward Bags Give You:
    The Tier 1 pants armor blueprint for your body type. Using the blueprint will unlock your correct armor tree.

    Tail Reward Bags Give You:
    2 Blueprints
    The First is the Tier 4 pants armor blueprint that has the tail armor
    The Second is the Tier 4 pants armor blueprint that has the tail armor and the appendage covers
    *You will aquire the tailess version in your armor branch normally*


    Credits (be sure to read!!)

    For Those Who Worked so Hard to Bring the Lucario Race to Life
    "Original Author" : "Ochiru Yuki"
    "description" : "Creator of the Loppuny and Lucario Race."
    "Secondary Author" : "Zancuno"
    "description" : "Continued Mod Updater from Starbound Glad Giraffe to continuing, took over the mod at 1.3.2 as the new author."
    "Cobalt Lightening" :
    "Provided Original Base Idle Sprites."
    "RyuujinZERO" :
    "Creator of the Avali, provided the digitigrade legs for the sprites."
    "Mackinz" :
    "Provided the Pecha and Chesto Berries."
    "ODABUTSU" :
    "Creator of the Kemono, provided concepts and reference images for creation of the sprites."
    "DanFox" :
    "Provided the original mod swords, original shield, and rough draft of sprites."
    [Mod Update Support]
    "Vanishmode" :
    "Updated the mod to Upbeat Giraffe."
    "Makein" :
    "Hotfix for the mod to update to Pleased Giraffe."
    "Mackinz" :
    "Updated the mod to Glad Giraffe."
    "Zancuno" :
    "Coninued updates till became second mod author."
    [Mod Support]
    "Ochiru Yuki" :
    "Gave mod support until Pleased Giraffe."
    "Mackinz" :
    "Gave mod support until 1.0. Was the primary mod support."
    "Cobalt Lightening" :
    "Gave mod support until Upbeat Giraffe."
    "Zancuno" :
    "Started mod support during Glad Giraffe, continuing."
    "Dilrax Stormpaw" :
    "Gave mod support whenever Zancuno, his student, had trouble."
    "DaWrecka" :
    "Gave mod support staring from 1.3.2, continuing."
    [Honorable Contributions after Original Mod]
    "DaWrecka" :
    "Sorting out compatibility errors with the mod and providing files for patch fixes."
    "C0bra5" :
    "Providing the Active Sword and Active Gun weapon categories for the Aura Spheres and Mod Swords."
    "Beethoven_" :
    "Provided the Alpha base for the lucario merchant NPC"
    [Frakin Races Compatibility]
    "XDGierman" :
    "Created compatible species traits with Frakin Races and pulled the request to add to Frakin Races."
    "Mackinz" :
    "Providing balancing concepts for the Mod Swords."
    "XDGierman" :
    "Providing Balancing concepts for the Mod Aura Spheres."
    [Dialog Contributions]
    //Starbound Forums
    //Starbound Amino
    -{[H][i][g][h] [N][o][o][n]}
    -Gray,That One Human
    -Amnesiac Novakid
    -Salubrity 13
    -A level 27 mightyena
    [Pending Credits]
    "Hungry Lucario" :
    "Submitting Egyptian Ion Armor idea for Tier 5 and Tier 6 armors."
    "Dilwolf" :
    "Submitting Halo themed Armor Idea for Tier 5 and Tier 6 armors."
    "Description" :
    "The Lucario race has been around since Angry Koala, an early version of Starbound Beta.
    The mod was created by Ochiru Yuki. Although this mod was forged and made by the community.
    This mod has been a long ongoing project, crafted by those who gave their time to make it.
    The mod cannot possibly belong to just one person but the community that made it happen.
    Enjoy the mod and all of it's content for your Starbound Experience.
    Remember that the Lucario are trademarked characters belonging to Nintendo, Pokemon, Game Freak, Ken Sugimori, and Creatures.
    Please support the official Release!!
    If this mod was purchased in any way, please delete and report the website. This mod is a free fan community project."

    -Has to finish Front Page but posting for now-
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Cryptoid
    Version: 1.3.3 1.2
    A very fleshed out mod. Great job.
  2. OkeAni
    Version: 1.3.3 Beta 0.9.1
  3. GokentoPower
    Version: 1.3.2 BETA 0.5
    >Because shooting Air-Infused, Energy-Compacted Spheres in Space is fun.<

    On a serious note, Glad to see this has been revived.
  4. M8E1
    Version: 1.3.2 BETA 0.5
    I like this mod a lot... however the legs look a bit odd as the lucario body jumps and runs. I also notice that the lucario race uses modified apex clothing. I understand that this is a beta... but I do hope that these things are fixed soon.
    1. Zancuno
      Author's Response
      Yeah the apex clothing will still exist in the mod but they will eventually get their own clothing. As for the legs, they are digitigrade, not plantigrade like the other races. Because of this they run differently then say a human. It's the way the legs work. The legs were originally designed by RyujiinZERO, the creator of the avali. I'm pretty sure that you could have Avali clothing easily fit onto a lucario.
  5. ExpertPlayer
    Version: 1.3.2 BETA 0.3
    I was looking for a mod of the lucario race for a long time, thank you very much for that.
  6. chris05478
    Version: 1.3.2 BETA 0.2
    After all this time <3 Glad to have it back, great mod