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Lucario Race Mod PG V0.1

Now you too can be a fuzzy lucario!

  1. Ochiru Yuki
    This mod is currently in beta so you can play as i work!
    The Lopunny mod is no longer required to use this race!

    Guten tag and my sincere apologies for the wait for all you lopunny users! The Mod is in Working condition for you to play as i continue my work on this mod. You all have been waiting on me and i wanted to at least thank you all for that so here's my gift to you! Please enjoy!

    Now you too can be a fuzzy lucario!

    Look for the Blue or Pink Pokeball among the other races in the character creations area!
    lufem.png lumale.png

    Poster Girl and Q&A : ( Ask Ochiru Yuki and Muffin )
    Everyone meet Muffin, she will be you questions guide and friend for the Lucario race!
    If you feel like Asking any question or just hanging on the the forums she will be there for you!

    Working on:
    -Hair selection
    -Eye color selection
    -Building block (basic block like wooden planks, but of a different material)
    -Apex outfits conversion / EBS conversion

    Planned content :
    -All apex outfits converted
    -building material

    Requested from (some) beta users : ( OPTIONAL )
    Lucario EBS body conversion (requested by beta user)
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/sxw0kyxfl5xq5vc/lucario EBS conversion V0.2.zip

    Reporting Issues :
    If you find an issue, or just want to make a suggestion, please either post in the mod thread or make a private conversation with me.
    My English is not the best as due to sever dyslexia and dysgraphy, so major forewarning on English, spelling, and grammar.

    Install :
    1. Download Starbound and Mod
    2. Download and open the Lucario Supply Drop.zip file.
    3. Transfer the "lucario" folder from the ZIP file to .../starbound/mod folder.
    4. Create new character and start playing!

    Uninstall :
    Remove the "lucario" folder from your mods folder.
    (Character will not be playable after this, and any items from this mod will turn into Perfectly Generic Items on other characters)

    Special Thanks and Recognition:

    -Cobalt Lightning :
    Helped With Brainstorming Ideas and opinions as well as Mod Support!
    Provided base ides for body sprites!

    -Mackinz :
    Helped With Brainstorming Ideas and opinions as well as Mod Support!
    Help Make the oran berry when i made the lopunny race!

    Provided much needed resources and referances for body sprites!
    Many thanks for your help!

    -RyuujinZERO :
    Provided much needed resources and referances for body sprites!
    Many thanks for your help!

    DanFox :
    Creater of the ideas for the swords adding with the mod, all final spriting was made using his rufdrafts.
    helped with the shieldon shield.
    Hope you enjoy your gift DanFox!

    Vanishmode :
    Updating the mod to Upbeat Giraffe after my pc caught fire.

    Makein :
    For making a compatibility and hot fix for the mod.I thank you greatly.
    ( Please keep in mind that this mod is a non-profit contribution and is by no mean to be used to make any sort of funds. )

    Be Logical :
    I know that the weapons in "Dan's Gift Box" are op but know that im not changing them without permission from said person i gifted them to. Know that
    you are not forced to use them and that the op weapon use it entirely optional.

    Thank you for your time and Auf Wiedersehen!

    With all due respect and Kindness,
    Ochiru Yuki
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. 2014-05-29_00002.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. Jingx117
    Version: PG V0.1
    ok, i have seen this mod in use with another mod (somehow) and it had the lucario "race" as a vanity set, i really like how it looks but, my game crashes with every downloadable version of this mod, so i ask; when will this mod update to the most recent build (however you do that)? it is literaly the only thing making me give this a 3 stars sadly and i wish i could rate otherwise >_> (i want this mod so badly being a pokefan)
  2. Kenah
    Version: PG V0.1
    please it looks great, make it to 1.0 glad giraffe please
  3. 8bitaether
    Version: PG V0.1
    never got to use the mod (because i don't know how PG or GG works :/ ) but i still realy like the mod! also can it work for regular starbound?
  4. GeekMan
    Version: PG V0.1
    Can u make this for Glad Giraffe please then it wil be a "5" star :D
  5. Makein
    Version: UB
  6. doctortee
    Version: UB
    Really nice mod, as all the Pokemon SB's mods !
  7. shadow_wolf532
    Version: UB
    working or not this mod is amazing, it makes me want to play pokemon on my 3DS again XD
  8. mocome
    Version: UB
    I love it BUT i think you should add MORE pokemon to this pack i love pikachu and all pokemon but pikachu the most :)
  9. Snivy And Shinx
    Snivy And Shinx
    Version: UB
    Best race mod there is But idk if it's a Bug Or Glitch but it seems like you can never die Like i never lose health or anything So if you can fix that, That be amazing!
  10. WhiteSentry
    Version: UB
    I love being Lucario but he can't upgrade his Matter Manipulator so I can't collect liquids and other things