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LuaPluginLib beta.33

Utilities and base asset Lua script support for smarter Lua script patching

  1. Beta.33 - Adds support for files that don't have a discreet entry point

    This is a big one (no breaking changes still):

    Prior to this commit, we didn't have a way to apply config based plugins to a
    large portion of the codebase because those scripts didn't have a local `init`
    or `new` method from which to trigger the loader.

    I've defined a new mechanism to allow for loading plugins in these modules:

    -- Set a global table so that we can detect modules that are loaded and need
    -- plugin patching but which do not have an init method for hooks.
    LPL_Additional_Paths = LPL_Additional_Paths or {}
    LPL_Additional_Paths["/scripts/actions/animator_plugins.config"] = true

    When the PluginLoader runs, if there are any unloaded plugins in the above map
    it will load them.

    Tested and working on actions/animator.lua and actions/npc.lua
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