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Lopunny Race Mod PG V0.1

Add Lopunnys as a playable race.

  1. Supply Drop PG V0.1

    Ochiru Yuki

    -Hot Fix done for PG, Thank you Makein.
  2. Supply Drop UB

    Ochiru Yuki
    A big thanks to VanishMode for Updating the mod for Upbeat Giraffe since my pc has cought fire. Cant thank you enough!
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  3. Supply Drop V2.4

    Ochiru Yuki
    Whats new:
    -Updated to latest Version
    -Returned "human Default" sword to starting ship supply
  4. Lopunny Supply Drop V2.3

    Ochiru Yuki
    Fixed :
    -Nerfed Ice Punch
    -Ice Punch now have been priced
  5. Lopunny Supply Drop V2.1

    Ochiru Yuki
    Fixed :
    -Backpack icon

    Added :
    -Oran Berry Juice (single and x10)
  6. Lopunny Supply Drop V2.0

    Ochiru Yuki
    Added :
    -Item finder (matter manipulator)
    -Ice punch (lvl 1-4, will soon be priced)
    -Tactical light
    -Recon Pack

    Fixed :
    -Stater treasures
    -Rouge pixels
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  7. Lopunny Supply Drop V1.10

    Ochiru Yuki
    -Type-O item and recipe
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  8. Supply Drop V1.9

    Ochiru Yuki
    Fixed treasurepool
    Altered the Oran berry attributes (less op)
    Changed Oran berry crop coloration
    Removed alian meat burger recipe from starter recipes
    Added carrot cake and carrot bread to starter recipes
    New addition to the special thanks note ( Mackinz )
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  9. Supply Drop V1.8

    Ochiru Yuki
    Oran Berry Seed / Crop
    Oran Berry Produce
    Oran Berry Seed Recipe (just press c)
  10. Supply Drop V1.7

    Ochiru Yuki
    Enraged Koala