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Lopunny Improvements 1.41 (CG)

Hip hop hooray! Ho! Hey! Ho!

  1. Major Minor General Update

    - Fixed up Oran Berry crop, Oran Berry and Oran Juice with new sprites, new inspection text, and new effects. Oran Berries now take the same length of time to grow as Pearlpeas and have a much lower drop rate. Also, Oran Berry plants are the only way to currently get Lopunny colony tenants:


    - Added "Lopunny Compact" plugin, which makes Oran Berry plants take up half the space, like my own Compact Crops does for vanilla crops.
    - Moved Lopunny eyebrows to the 'hair' layer, allowing them to be covered up by hats. Trust me, it looks a lot better.
    - Added Lopunny versions of the Hero's Cap and Scouter's Visor since playtesting revealed that both of these didn't look good on the Lopunny by default. Also added recipes for the Lopunny versions of the Cowboy Hat and Hero's Cap that you learn if you find the originals out in the wild.
    - Added custom tech upgrade interface image.


    - Added alternative head style for the Lopunny I call ShortEarFluff. Try it out.



    1. 211820_20160803222317_1.png
    2. 211820_20160803222420_1.png
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