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Lopunny Improvements 1.41 (CG)

Hip hop hooray! Ho! Hey! Ho!

  1. Big Update

    So, I was banned for a week. Totally messed up my plans to update this mod... I planned to update last Tuesday evening, but that fell through. So, I took some time and made more changes to compensate.

    What's different you ask?

    - I changed the beginning Lopunny codices to something a bit more interesting.
    - I improved the Lopunny body sprites by fixing the tail, animating said tail while moving, and increased the arm fluff a bit.
    - Added this mods Oran Berry seeds to the Terramart in the Outpost and simplified the starter ship locker treasure.
    - Added a recipe for the vanilla Empty set (basically like the No Gear items added by the Lopunny mod, but vanilla with stats).
    - Added a decent, one-name random name generator!
    - Aaaaaand, I fixed the emoticon sprites! Yay! And I added an optional "Expressive" add-on (based on this mod - you only need Lopunny Improvements and the add-on though).

    Go crazy! Or don't. I won't judge.
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