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Looting Container Pleased Giraffe U5 - v1

a container that can collect items dropped onto it on it's own

  1. BloodyRain2k
    After I made the turret changes to make them useful for building a monster farm for drops was I wondering if I could just make a container that could collect all the items that slid down onto the bed where I was normally idling in it because it was annoying to constantly get back there and pick them up while changing the design to prevent them from disappearing.

    Well, I was able to: the looting container is pretty much an outpost locker into which someone drilled a hole into top and bottom and crammed a few electronics into it.
    You can craft it at the wiring station for 20 steel bars, 2000 pixel and a laser diode and circuit board.

    Items that are dropped onto it will be collected automatically including pixel, which can btw pile up to past a million.
    It has 40 slots, a little less than the original locker but the electronics had to fit into it, it's still pretty spacious and not really intended for longterm storage anyways.

    The bottom only needs the outer blocks to stand, the middle 3 can be left out.
    This is only due to the fact that dropped items get added a small random velocity which oftem made them get stuck when only the middle block was left free, so if you intend to let it drop items further for any reason leave the middle 3 blocks free and only support it with the outer ones.

    It also supports wiring:
    The upper input will close the intake, no signal (or unwired) means it will stay open.

    The bottom two inputs are for spilling the contents, the difference is that the lowest input will spill everything completely where as the 2nd lowest input will spill all BUT 1 (except for unstackable items like weapons etc)
    This can be used for keeping order in it for reoccurring drops, I use it in my monster farms to keep the ore, meat and other stuff at the bottom so I know that only new stuff is at the top.

    The output will give a signal when there are no free slots left.

    Items dropped onto it while the input is open but no slots are free will be spit out at the bottom right away.

    So what do you do with that thing and how?
    I got only one use for it so far and it's this: http://i.imgur.com/ef8yKYF.png
    By now I got a Lunarbunk bed below it but that's the only change, the items slide down and get collected and well, that's it.

    And to quickly explain how that sliding works: the devs made items slide down slopes, most people know that, but maybe not as many know that they also slide down 2:1 slopes for which I'm very thankful as that design there would be horrible with only 45° slopes.
    There's a tiny limitation though and that's that the beginning and end have to be 45° or the items will just sit there anyways.
    That's why there are 45° slopes next to the turret walls and at the drop points.

    Also platforms sadly don't do this and are just sticky : (
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Updates

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  1. doctortee
    Version: UG U2 P668 - 1
    Many thanks for this mod
  2. vennum
    Version: UG U2 P668 - 1
    Very cool, i plan on using this for a mining contraption