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Longer Ship Travel Time 2.53

Lengthen the time needed to travel for a more immersive experience.

  1. Tweaked timing

    - You now no longer orbit in or out for space dimensional travels (ie : Going to a unvisited planet will no longer make you orbit down to space for no reason / going from a space dimension to another space dimension will not make you orbit at all). Your ship will still do the orbit things when you leave or arrive on a planet / docking things. Your ship also still accelerate and decelerate.
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  2. Replaced sfx of exiting FTL sequence and disabled flash

    - The sound effect of exiting the FTL sequence now uses the longer / original version instead of the shortened version in 1.4 update. Special thanks to Hoodie from Steam for pointing this out.
    - It should now disable flash without causing white screens on certain hardware but I need confirmation. Please report again and I'll do the appropriated changes.
  3. White screen / title menu fix for certain hardware

    Not too sure what's wrong but special thanks to @DukeOfRiven for testing for the troubleshooting of this mod! If you're not experiencing the issue you don't have to download this update.
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  4. Revised inter-planetary travel time and removed flashing effect

    - Revised the inter-planetary travel time and make them proportionate to the interstellar travel time, reducing both of accelerating and decelerating time to 40 and 20 seconds respectively. I haven't really played much since 1.3 so forgive my lateness for the realisation of the increased sequence for inter-planetary travel time thanks to spaceships encounters and uhh...space stations.
    - Removed the flashing effect when you're entering / exiting FTL sequence and changing from speeding up to...
  5. Stars and time

    - Reduced deceleration time of star travel from 60 seconds to 20 seconds
    - Reduced both acceleration and deceleration time of planet travel from 60 seconds to 45 seconds
    - Edited and added some stars

    You can see the changes here :
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  6. FTL sfx and stars changes.

    Just small changes.
    - Replaced FTL sfx to a more soothing / quiet ambient. Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjinO8gnxFg
    - Replaced stars during FTL so they are lines you see in hyperspace now.
    - Small optimization of image files (stars).

    Here's a short video demonstrating the changes.
    The audio might seems a bit bassier because I'm using some audio enhancer when recording....
  7. The bug of exiting hyperspace sound effect will not play is definitely fixed now.

    And people told me modding is fun.

    - Fixed the exiting hyperspace sound effect for sure. Reduced FTL / hyperspace sequence by another 10 seconds to make it shorter than the .ogg duration or else the exiting hyperspace sound effect will not play.
  8. Readjusted a few things again.

    Uhh...hopefully this is the last minor tweak.

    - Readjusted ship's "speed" and fixed the bug where the sound effect of exiting the hyperspace will not play.
    - The FTL sequence is reduced by 20 seconds, going back to its original value (10/3 minutes / 600/180 seconds).
  9. Removed the vocal of entering hyperspace sound effect

    It is obnoxious when all the species have muffled voice but it has a clear voice, so that is removed for a better fitting.

  10. Replaced the sound effect when entering FTL sequence.

    Elite Dangerous has nice sound effect, pity that exiting hyperspace / FTL sequence sounds roughly the same so I didn't bothered to change that.

    Here's a video to reflect the change :

    - Added new sound effect when entering hyperspace / FTL sequence. Taken from Elite Dangerous.
    - Due to that addition, the accelerating time of entering hyperspace / FTL sequence has been reduced to 40 seconds from 60 seconds for a better fitting.
    - The time of hyperspace /...