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Longer Ship Travel Time 2.53

Lengthen the time needed to travel for a more immersive experience.

  1. Revised inter-planetary travel time and removed flashing effect

    - Revised the inter-planetary travel time and make them proportionate to the interstellar travel time, reducing both of accelerating and decelerating time to 40 and 20 seconds respectively. I haven't really played much since 1.3 so forgive my lateness for the realisation of the increased sequence for inter-planetary travel time thanks to spaceships encounters and uhh...space stations.
    - Removed the flashing effect when you're entering / exiting FTL sequence and changing from speeding up to speeding down for inter-planetary travel. I heard someone that has epilepsy can suffer from flashing effect so I guess this is kinda nice. It makes the space travel more seamless anyway. The flashing effect for speeding up and down always irritate me.
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