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Outdated Logistics Frigate Reborn v4.5c v. Spirited Giraffe

Logistics Frigate Reborn

  1. Booster fix, nothing more.

    This is a simple copy paste update, no changes to anything but the frigatebooster.object file. I have moved the booster a few pixels to align it with the ship. I must not have saved the final location right as it was "aligned" I swear :rofl:

    Thanks @Ancev Caine for pointing this out.
  2. Error in last upload.

    I did not change the color in the frigate5blocks.png for the last upload, sorry for anyone that might have experienced trouble.

    This only corrects that, if you are not on the 5blocks.png then it will just patch over it. If you are an upgrade or shipworld reset would be in order :( sorry again.

    Thanks to the keen eye and work of @Ancev Caine, for reporting this bug I was able to get a fix out hopefully in good time.
  3. Get it well it is HOT!

    This is a large update and will require a new shipword, swapping or upgrading to take effect.

    Ship components can now be moved, and the space they once occupied can be used. This what requires the ship to be replaced.

    The blockkey.config has been trimmed and cleaned up.
    • Removed all the booster flame references but the frigate one.
    • Removed the "invisible" objects as the frigate does not use them.
    • Removed the engine sound object again not...
  4. v4.0 v. Spirited Giraffe "Zero Requiem"

    With the release of v4.0 and the major changes to the files and structure everyone who updates (and I would) will need follow the README.
    v4.0 is not a stepping stone update it is more of a true overhaul, and will from now on be the standard of I will be working with.

    Tested working with v. Spirited Giraffe

    v4.0 has one custom block packed with release "frigatehazard.material" with a "materialId" : 4277, any mod conflicts from installing this ship would come from here.
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