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Logistics Frigate Reborn V3 - Resurrect 1.6

A resurrection of v3 of the famous Logistics Frigate by graycatgrayhat

  1. Extra folders for races avali and viera.

    Added now working avali and viera support in extra folders. Don't rename the viera folder because of load order.
  2. Changed the Teleport to a smaller one like it was before.

    Changed the freaking huge Teleport back to the small standard platform like it was before, so you have a nicer room.
  3. Fixed viera (hopefully :D)

    Fixed race names for viera tiers. Hopefully works now.
  4. Added viera race files (untested) on request

    Added viera race files on request (untested). Check and tell :D
  5. Added avali race files (untested) on request

    Added the ship files for avali race on request. If you play it with avali, please tell me if it runs smooth.
  6. Another try to get download working

    Same as in discussion, trying to get it into downloads

    Worked !!
  7. Seems Download not working

    Reupload since can't download new version

    Oh boy seems you can't update the download. But ok, the version should work fine already, will try to oget it working tomorrow
  8. Fuel increased like in original version

    Increased the fuel for higher tiers back like in original version (after some dispute with playmates :x)
  9. Small correction, cleaned

    Just forgot to delete one file :D (shouldn't matter anyway)