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Logistics Freight Containers v3.31 (Cheerful Giraffe)

Put stuff inside... cus you know, its a container.

  1. Less is more. Less is less.

    Verison 3.3 (Cheerful Giraffe/Nightly)
    - Updated based on changes to the future Cheerful Giraffe version.
    - Changed slot count to 64 (Up from 48).
    - Reduced crafting cost to 2 Durasteel bars (Down from 10)

    As always, please report any issues BEFORE reviewing so that I have a chance to fix them.

    Recent changes to material balancing have prompted me to up the slot count to 64, as well as reduce the crafting cost. Couldn't justify it anymore, so to those that wanted 64 slots, you are welcome. Other tweaks may be made in the future.
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