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Outdated Link Lite 1.2.1

Contains The Hero's basic equipment

  1. Dye Update

  2. Dark Link Update

    • Added Dark Link alternative items.
    • Added weapon effect for Master Sword. (Will probably require a re-craft)
    • Upped the bars needed for the swords to 10 due to said weapon effects.
  3. Enraged Koala Hotfix

    Updated modinfo to be compatible with Beta v. Enraged Koala
  4. Furious Koala Hotfix 2

    Changed "amount" from string to number. Type must have been changed in patch.

    "statusEffects" : [
          "kind" : "ColdProtection",
          "amount" : 1
  5. Furious Koala Hotfix

    Changed the modinfo file accordingly to allow compatibility with "Beta v. Furious Koala".
  6. Link Lite v1.1

    • Removed tabularasa dependency.
    • Craft clothes at yarn spinner and equipment at metalwork station now.
    • Clothes are unlocked from beginning, while the equipment recipes are unlocked with the 'Rubium Tech Upgrade'. If you are unable the recipes, reuse the upgrade module.
    • Tweaked the recipes for all items. Will change to 'Green Dye' and 'Purple Dye' accordingly when released officially by Chucklefish to minimise collisions and remain 'lite'.