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Outdated Lilith Crossover (Upbeat Giraffe) 2015-02-16

Weapons from the Nexus

  1. agmoyer

    This is pretty much a crossover, Lilith weapons from a Skyrim Mod on Nexus by Wiikki. I loved that mod and the weapons, I love starbound and mods so I wanted to use these weapons here. Why not share it with everyone?

    Seriously though... Go check it out, I will not put a link to the mod on Nexus because I think that is advertising .-.?

    I also added my armor mod from my OBNFW mod here on this site.

    For most enjoyment I recommend using
    Vampiz's Daemon Race Mod


    dDefinder's Blood Mod

    What is in this mod?

    Several weapons and more still need to be made... Example:
    -Two Handed Disemboweler
    -One Handed Disemboweler
    -Two Handed Sickle (Freaking Big Scythe)
    -Two handed Carver
    -One Handed Carver
    -Two Handed Harbinger
    -One Handed Harbinger
    -Two Handed Obliterator Axe
    -One Handed Obliterator Axe
    -Two Handed Obliterator Mace
    -Combat Armor Tier 1 (Plan to be changed a bit for this mod)
    -Demon Wiikki Crafting... Portal? Trade with Wiikki for the weapons that shall make you feel badas*! I at least I did >>


    Most of these weapons still need to be adjusted in damage but they are still quite nice.
    lil1.png 2015-02-15_00007.jpg 2015-02-15_00015.jpg 2015-02-15_00019.jpg 2015-02-15_00021.jpg 2015-02-15_00023.jpg

    Wiikki is 1200 Pixels in the Wooden Crafting Bench. Reason for such high price is because the weapons that I will adjusting and adding will be quite strong in the future.
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