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Outdated Lightdrones Continued 4.0.0a (Upbeat or Higher)

The amazing mod Lightdrones by Synit, Continued Officially!

  1. 4.0.0!? 4.0.0a!? Yeah! 4.0.0a!

    4.0.0! Yeah, that's right, no more 3.1.2, none of this "3.2.0" stuff, nah, I skipped straight to 4.

    Downloads are pretty easy to use, go to the page, download one of four files, and there's source code if you'd like.

    So uh, bit of an apology. I kind of promised an update today (although it was originally supposed to be yesterday/the day before), but while adding stuff I realised that this was a very large update, so i've split it in half, with the second half to be coming later.

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  2. Fixed Crafting

    Thanks to kokobo88 for pointing out my very, very stupid mistake.
    It was really a dumb mistake, and will hopefully never happen again.


    Also, version 3.2.0 coming soon, hopefully this Wednesday Thursday/Friday (At this point this next update will be a fairly large one, just giving myself some breathing room so I can properly make sure everything is working and whatnot, make changes, balance...
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  3. And this is why you make sure to test stuff. And also for the third version number ^3^

    -Fixed the v2 and v1 animations' clipping problems. No more floating pixels!
    That's it. Seeya.

    Note to self: Do not sync larger drone pngs with the smaller, original drones. It does not work properly.
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  4. More Medical Drones!

    Yeah! More medical drones! Thanks to user Blahgobb for help with the v2 and v1 medical drone sprites.

    -Added v1 Medical Drone, which has no light and low health regen.
    -Added v2 Medical Drone, which has a small light, comparable to the v1 light drone, and a faster health regen, comparable to last version's health regen. (At least, I think it does. Might be higher/lower, but it's pretty darn close)...
  5. Fixed v3 Drone's Crafting

    -Removed Survival System from the crafting recipe.