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Outdated Lightdrones Continued 4.0.0a (Upbeat or Higher)

The amazing mod Lightdrones by Synit, Continued Officially!

  1. 4.0.0!? 4.0.0a!? Yeah! 4.0.0a!

    4.0.0! Yeah, that's right, no more 3.1.2, none of this "3.2.0" stuff, nah, I skipped straight to 4.

    Downloads are pretty easy to use, go to the page, download one of four files, and there's source code if you'd like.

    So uh, bit of an apology. I kind of promised an update today (although it was originally supposed to be yesterday/the day before), but while adding stuff I realised that this was a very large update, so i've split it in half, with the second half to be coming later.

    So, that's why it's 4.0.0a, and not 4.0.0, but hey, it's progress!
    Anyways, actual changelog

    - Added 13 new items, all of which are used for crafting.
    - Added a dedicated crafting table for Lightdrones Continued (Decided that cluttering the vanilla crafting table is a bad idea).
    - Changed ALL of the crafting recipes (Yeah, all of them), for better or for worse (Give me feedback on these changes so I can change em for the full 4.0.0)
    - New version of the mod, Lightdrones Continued: Light Edition

    Haha, get it? It's a joke, because Light, and it's... yeah okay i'll shut up now
    Anyways, this version is for all of those people who don't care for fancy schmancy drones, and just want the original 3-tiered lightdrones. Basically the original Lightdrones experience.

    But yeah, 4.0.0b is soon to come, sometime. Some of the drones i'm making require some interesting workarounds and scripting, and also school is starting up again, and i'm starting to work more, so i'll have less time to work on it (Still a lot of time though).

    Also, big thing, removed dropbox from the whole process. Everything is now on Github, which is great because I can push updates easier and it's less complicated and prettier and whatnot, also if you're a modder, you could, theoretically, add your own drones, and request your new drone or changes to be added. Might add a specific version for third-party drones, or random drones I decide to make that may not fit in the original mod.

    TL;DR: Added new stuff, update was super big, split it in half, other half of big update coming soon, new version of the mod, and github is now used.

    Also, if you have any bugs to report, you can report them here, like usual, or you can go to the fancy shmancy github bug report thing here.
    Just use the big pretty "New Issue" button and report your issue to me and i'll try my hardest to fix it :3
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