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Outdated LessLight zero

No more x-ray vision!

  1. greenRAM
    LessLight (outdated)

    ME: "Are you tired of seeing through walls?"
    SUPERMAN: "Sure."
    ME: "Well, you still can! However, light no longer passes through walls anymore."

    This is a patch that I play with for the lighting.config file that makes the game a bit more atmospheric and surprising by removing light's ability to pass through materiel. You never know what's around a dark corner now, so expect jump scares while spelunking.

    Got a nice, lit up night:
    light at night.JPG

    And, presto! It's still just as lit up! However, now the light no longer passes through walls:
    Less light at night.JPG

    This simply changes a few key values in how the light interacts with material.

    If you like this, check out: Tanz' Lighting Overhaul! which is a complete lighting overhaul including customization for the light's ability to pass through material.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. Merser433
    Version: zero
  2. Luzcro
    Version: zero
    I'm giving a 5/5 because it does what it said it would do. But to me, you loose a lot of atmosphere when you have this mod enabled. It's great for mining and dungeons but when you enter buildings with walls thicker than 1 block, the lighting feels a little "meh"
    1. greenRAM
      Author's Response
      That's fair. I mostly just make stuff for myself, so I expect differing tastes. I'll add to this critique that even for mining and dungeons this change might get annoying for a lot of people.
  3. Patople
    Version: zero
    The Mod does exactly what it says.
  4. Gridie
    Version: zero
    No more Xray
  5. Marcus McDiel
    Marcus McDiel
    Version: zero
    "There shall be light!... AGH, TOO BRIGHT!" - not anymore :D Thanks for this^^
  6. Shadow Wolf TJC
    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Version: zero
    A nice, simple proof-of-concept mod that would go well with my Shadow-Casting Lights mod for that ultimate atmospheric feeling. I'd also recommend the COLOREBOUND mod, since it makes it too difficult to spot ores in my opinion.
  7. Narks
    Version: zero
    Top notch.
  8. Moxxit
    Version: zero
    Great mod, pls update soon
  9. snurfli
    Version: zero
    Great ! Thank you so much kind sir, I was waiting for this type of mod for upbeat giraffe :D
  10. Dragonspear
    Version: zero