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Less Sky+ 1.5

A small, modular space overhaul. +Constilations!

  1. v1.5 Update for 1.3!

    Still too many stars! Made another "Less Stars Option" option with even less stars. Now you can roleplay that there are world eaters is out there, eating all of the suns. This game has just gotten darker!

    I also made .patches to all the new deployment cinematics for the "LS - Alternative Teleport Cinematics" option.

    Lastly, I fixed the "LS - No Debris with some Constilations" option that had somehow broke with the last update. It may not look exactly the same as it did before, as I had to...
  2. v1.4 Another constilation option!

    Added an option to have much more constellations. This new option looks alright zoomed all the way out to a modded 1x zoom level, though a little busy. I did this to try and fit more of the constellation I made on the screen in a nice looking way. There's a constellation for each of the ancient runes, and there's an additional constellation based on Chucklefish's bunny star asset.
  3. v1.3 Constilation option

    I noticed the names were a little off, making it confusing, so I fixed them. I redid the Teleport Cinematics option to fit with the mod's theme of having less sky. I also added another option for No Space fog, replacing the space fog with a few custom constellations based on the ancient ruins found in the game. There's only a few there so far. I don't know if I'll add more or not yet.
  4. v1.3 Alternative Teleport Cinamatics

    Added an alternative teleport option. I might want to go back in and edit it a little to make it look nicer. This option will only work on the vanilla races.
  5. v1.2 Modular!

    I made the mod modular. The number of stars you want in the sky has a number of options. The flickering speed has two options. One of the options is to slow down the flickering speed, and the other option is to turn off flickering. In space, only pulsars flicker anyways, so turning it off is the most immersive setting. The debris or fog I just gave one option for, which is off. Hope this is helpful.

    I'd love to see a mod that adds constellations and other neat, realistic and awe-inspiring...
  6. Update for 1.0

    Modpak files are disabled for 1.0, so I had to remake this. It's still only a lightweight patch of the sky.config so there should be little to no compatibility problems with similar mods.