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Legendary Treasures 0.2.5

Find extremely rare and valuable weapons and artifacts!

  1. Legendary Treasures +2 New Artifacts And More!


    Two New Artifacts:

    Ancient Gold Pumpkin,

    Ancient Gold Jar


    Two new original versions of paintings:

    Apex With An Ermine,

    Original Self-Portrait Of Hylotl Shu


    Fixed spelling mistake for the "Gold Diving Helmet",
    Fixed category mistake for the "Gold Diving Helmet",
    Fixed color coding mistake for the "Gold Diving Helmet"


    Changed descriptions of the new paintings I added that have an original version to indicate they are copies:

    Apex With An Ermine,
    Self-Portrait Of Hylotl Shu

    If you have a suggestion for a new artifacts feel free to mention them!
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