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Legacy Weapons Incompletely Late Edition

Restored the weapons lost in the transition from Beta to release

  1. Incompletely Late Edition

    As the title of this update suggests, this update is incomplete and completely late!

    As I've gotten further into this mod adding each unique weapon has grown increasingly difficult. Getting weapons to work properly, or at all, has become a real challenge. As such, most of the weapon in this update can sort of be seen as regular weapons with their own look rather than the unique killing devices they are supposed to be.

    /spawnitem commands are listed here

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  2. Single-handed Edition - Patch 2.0

    Because I'm an idiot, i forgot that weapons don't get updated when the files are modified.
    This patch should fix anything I've broken.
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  3. Single-handed Edition

    sorry for the delay, I could have had this done long ago but I had fallen into a downspell keeping me from getting any work done. To compensate I completed 80% of the required coding all in one day!
    This update adds all of the racial one-handed weaponry; shortswords, daggers, axes, and revolvers. I also tweaked the Novakids' rifles and revolvers to have unique projectiles!
    I also attempted to give all current 2-handed weapons unique secondaries but for some reason they aren't applying in...
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  4. NovaGunz Edition

    Adds the tiered Novakid rifles
    the spawn command is novatier#rifle, not novikidtier#rifle for those who didn't know. Also for those who did know, novatier0rifle was renamed to novastarter because it made more sense.

    The most time consuming part of this mod (so far) has been the sprite replacements. The coding is just simple copy-pasting and double-checking. The sprites however need to be examined closely and remade from near scratch (Unless the sprites are not rotated awkwardly, like the...
  5. Racial Speammer Edition

    Adds the racial spears an hammers back into the game!
    Still can only be accessed via /spawnitem command.