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Outdated KRI Hantu Laut - Human interstellar carrier 1.0

Human interstellar carrier

  1. olekaban
    KRI Hantu Laut

    Replacement for human ship (or any other race). This ship have the prefix KRI (Kapal Perang Republik Indonesia), which means Republic of Indonesia warship. Provide larger room and integrated storage on lower deck of the ship.



    Alternate download link if you have problem with the download button

    Extract all files on the zip to <your starbound directory> Starbound\assets\ships\human.
    You can also use this ship to any race

    The zip contain nopanel version (HantuLautblocksnopanel.png) you can simply use it by edit the dropsip.structure (open using notepad).
    Change "blockImage" : "HantuLautblocks.png" to "blockImage" : "HantuLautblocksnopanel.png"

    credit to shipbucket.com for the pixel art resource
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  1. Fix ship blocks

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  1. Souzuke-Sagara
    Version: 1.0
    Good Job ^^