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Kobolds Revival 3.2

A fixed and working version of the old kobold mod!

  1. Do YOU use protection?

    Hi everyone! Sorry for the inactivity, I forgot to tell you guys here in the forums that I was off on a 5 month vacation with no access to a computer.

    With that being said I have returned and fixed the emotes and crafting the armor!

    • Fixed armors not showing in the crafting, they should now be available.
    • Fixed emotes having a weird orange blink regardless of color.
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  2. Updated armor Icons

    As the title suggests the armor icons are fixed.
  3. Even more colors!

    As the update title suggests I have added a few more fur colors to the mix! Along with that Liopi(ManedMorph) has kindly provided a custom AI.

    • Added new fur colors Brown, Red, Orange and Yellow
    • Added a new custom AI kindly provided by Liopi(ManedMorph)
  4. Experimental ship inside

    This just adds an experimental ship inside the files and is NOT tested in any way.
  5. A little more custom AI

    I have now made the AI more custom to the kobolds. I know it looks like the Apex but I was using the humanAI as a template.

    • Customized the AI to be more ghostly
    • Changed the looks of the techstation
    • Added the ship to show up after finishing the intro mission
  6. Ai is fully operational

    We have now passed Pi and have moved on.

    • Fixed the Ai portrait in the quests section.
    • Updated looks of a few animations.
    • Swapped over from using .7z files to .pak
  7. Kobolds can now die! (over and over and over again)

    So between the last time I was making personal mods and working on this one they changed the respawning cinematics. I now have them in place and kobolds should respawn after death, even if you were forced to the title screen previously it will now be fixed.

    • Fixed kobolds causing a forced to title screen problem after dying. They should no longer cause issues once they die.