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Outdated Kobold Race v0.1 Giraffe Like Kobold

A savage race of unintelligent, but adorable kobolds.

  1. Giraffe Like Partial Update

    This updates kobolds enough that they can be played in game. That said, there are DOUBTLESSLY big things missing.

    I'm almost certain you can't make weapons as it currently stands. Quest lines, B.O.L.D. and Spirit work are all missing. This is definitely not a fully updated version and I'm planning on doing another update tomorrow.

    That said, we're updated to Giraffe. So that's pretty awesome.
  2. WiredWrong's Bugfixes & CK's Hunters Hut

    Hello brave 'bolds!

    Been a bit of a while, but hopefully we're back onto a schedule! This latest update is a relatively small one. @Wiredwrong caught and fixed some bugs and I cleaned up the settlement. Kobolds fly again!

    No longer empty! Also, no longer 40+ of these!

    -Spears and daggers are now directional
    -Settlements no longer enormous 50 hut affairs
    -Empty hut replaced with hunter's hut
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  3. Wraiths and Hammered Weapons

    The amount of time that went into this update is really ridiculous, especially considering how little apparent content there is. What this update has done is set the stage for all of the following updates to happen much more smoothly. Crafting of spirit weapons should be a little more obvious how it is done, especially given the current lack of weapons. When the quest system gets an upgrade, I can make it much more clear, but for now this may be where we are stuck....
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  4. Mostly Bug Fixes, Some Descriptions

    Mostly this is being uploaded because of a bugfix (hammered items weren't available to build! Dope!), but there is a liiiittle bit of content in there as well. Not enough for an image, but next one should have something!

    • Object Descriptions
      • Added 50 object descriptions
        • 4 apex
        • 46 human
    • Loot Balancing
      • Removed panties from the starter loot. Now they are found in villages.
    • Spirit Tutorial
      • Moved...
  5. Oops, No Monsters

    Uploaded my testing version rather than the real one! That meant no monsters and free access to a village! On the plus side, hey, maybe you stole something nice!

    Probably not, villages need some pretty massive restructuring in terms of their loot pools. Currently kobolds finding villages get very little and non-kobolds get about a billion blueprints. So that's gotta change!

    Also, I need some non-depressing codexes!
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  6. All kinds of random things and FIRST TIER 2 WEAPON!

    So one thing that's been a bit slow on this mod has been getting the weapons and armors actually out. That's partially because we've gone on several big other projects, but now I'm focused in on getting stuff rolled out. My plan is that I'll fill in at least one weapon at each tier FIRST so as to at least allow you to progress through the game. Then things will be added, fixed, changed, etc.

    I am the night.. Should have taken this at...
  7. v0.7 De Pants Update (With Critters and Quests!)

    Who's that wambling about?!
    This update was largely dedicated to fixing up some things with starter kobolds. I added in a new fur color (shaved), removed undies in preparation for a future project, and recolored all of the starter gear except the panties.

    This also marks the introduction of the critter catcher where you can catch vermin for a number of tasks. Fluffy Wamblers (our first critter) can be eaten, cooked into bones, and (most...
  8. Fixed World Gen

    Apparently planetgen has switched over to worldgen because... Well... Who knows.

    This is just a small fix with a tiny feature or two.

    -Changed planetgen to worldgen in accordance with new Enraged Requirements.
    -Removed objecttype from the altar.
    -Made one of the starter tops have several color choices.
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  9. Enraged Koala Compatibility and Future Armor Compatibility

    This is a pretty small update just to get things in line with enraged koala. I did a little bit of work improving starter equipment (now one of the loinclothes can come in several natural colors that work better than the weird automatic ones I'd put in earlier) and that customization will improve in the next update. Hopefully an update of some kind will come in this weekend that is a bigger change to stuff!

    I've also created copies of all of the avian tiered armors with just the item name...
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  10. Wolf Spirit Swords, Codexes Galore, Snake Temples

    This was kind of a big update in terms of the direction of the mod. For one thing, it includes the second kobold-specific weapon, a class of randomly generated weapons crafted using wolf spirits. These are comparable to tier 1 weapons, though because they are randomly generated may be a little better or worse than regular ones. They also count as hunting weapons which makes them extra useful!


    Additionally, there are a ton of little additional...
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