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Outdated Kobold Race v0.1 Giraffe Like Kobold

A savage race of unintelligent, but adorable kobolds.

  1. Wraiths and Hammered Weapons

    The amount of time that went into this update is really ridiculous, especially considering how little apparent content there is. What this update has done is set the stage for all of the following updates to happen much more smoothly. Crafting of spirit weapons should be a little more obvious how it is done, especially given the current lack of weapons. When the quest system gets an upgrade, I can make it much more clear, but for now this may be where we are stuck.

    There is some fun content, like this awesome new head armor.

    All of the replacement weapons we have had have now been replaced with hammered weapons. These weapons look (as you can tell from this picture) busted up and kind of crappy. That is a cerulium shortsword in full swing. Currently these weapons are comparable to base weapons, but a couple of them have been reduced in power in cost. As soon as a spirit item is available, the hammered weapon of that tier and type will be weakened and made cheaper, thus encouraging you to go with the spirit equivalent.

    But Captain! All we can sacrifice is copper! Well, not any more. Notice how stupidly high those numbers are. That's because I opened several much higher tier chests. Each tier of weaponry will require more spirits to fuel them, but will get more spirits from their sacrifices. I suspect I'll need to play with the numbers a little, but this should prevent you from being able to skate by on copper sacrifices without punishing you terribly if the RNG doesn't come to your side.

    With that said, here's the changelog (which looks pathetically short, but is seriously a lot of stuff!)
    • Created hammered items for all weapons and tiers allowing easier transition to spirit weapons.
    • Redid recipes for spirit items
    • Added sacrifice bags (still need to sprite this...) for all tier levels allowing the rapid collection of spirits.
    • Added BucketLamp's Wraith helmet for those Forlorn who give into anger.
    • Added a two colored warpaint, mostly to see how it would look. Go Pride!
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