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Kirhos Reloaded 1.3.1

Return of the Cyberpunk Space Rodents!

  1. Mechs Work

    Mechs no longer crash the game.
  2. 1.3 compatible + a new gun

    Fixes navigation crash for 1.3
    Added Tier 1 MP5K
    +1-handed, two guns twice the fun!
    +High rate of fire
    +High ammo capacity (low energy usage)
    -Fairly high spread
    -Low damage
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  3. Clothing Hotfix

    You can now craft the clothing at the spinning wheel!
  4. Several Quick Fixes

    Fixed muzzle flash on pulse rifle.
    Fixed starbound.log giving errors for old recipes.
    Solarium Gear is now craftable.
    Removed extra instance of the Hanzotekki sword.
    The sword animations should be better. They look fine to me.
    Your starbound.log should now be clean of errors from my mod
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  5. All Original Content Restored!

    Restored Azriel PF0540 Pulse Rifle (same stats as Iron Assault Rifle). The muzzle flash is a bit off.
    Note: Any character created with the Iron Assault Rifle recipe will still have the recipe for it.
    Restored tier 0,2,3 and 4 melee weapons (Shortswords)
    Kirhos now start with a Flimsy Katana in their shiplocker
    I tried balancing the tier 2 and 3 shortswords the best I could since there's only iron and durasteel shortswords
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  6. Placeholder Weapons and Iron Shortsword

    Place Holder Weapons + Iron Shortsword

    Yet again another quick fix.
    You can now craft the Novakid weapons (Placeholder) + Tier 5 and 6 weapons
    Restored Rough Wakizashi, iron shortsword (it's functional but I need to fix the animation a bit)

    Sorry I keep making so many quick fixes but I really don't know what I'm doing and I keep overlooking stuff. I would say this should be the last important quick fix but I'm sure I'll find another one.
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  7. Fixed The Version Number

    Sorry about that.
  8. More Minor Fixes

    All Kirhos now have the story codecies
    Fixed Booster Chest not appearing in character creation
    Added SAIL quest portrait

    Next update should finally be those accursed weapons!
  9. Fixed Starting Nudity and Restored Koopy ship pets

    Fixed having no starting clothes when in character creation
    Restored Koopy ship pets

    Edit: I also need to fix my English.
  10. Frackin Universe Compatibility Temp Fix

    It should now be totally compatible with Frackin Universe.