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King Ape Party Pack 3.9

Perfect Party Pack For Apex

  1. Link Update+ added a party hat and swinging vines

    Link Update+ added a party hat and swinging vines
  2. Changed Poo Recipe Acquisition

    Changed Poo Recipe Acquisition
  3. Throwing Poo

    Revamp of the mod that was my 1st release

    Now installations way easier just drag the contents of the rar to mods

    Sorry you must uninstall the original mod for it to work

    As always Questions comments suggestions even criticisms are all welcome

    Thanks Again

    Have Fun!!
  4. Throwing Poo

    Ok... My first mod here but i thought....HEY apex need to throw poo end of story!!

    link here not in the button

    <will be providing more links 4 shared is all i have atm...sorry for inconvenience>

    so the installation should be straight forward just copy to the folders that are layed out in the rar if you dont know where to look theyre in where ever you installed steam and then...