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Outdated Kineptic Race Mod 12-22-2015

Magician Space Cats

  1. Now with 100% more clawable furniture

    I had to redo the names of all of the weapons. As such, you... might have to craft them again. SORRY! And some of the items you placed may pop off their spots and need to be replaced, namely the plinth and possibly the shrine.
    Also (and as always) You should back up your save file before updating! Here's what you've got to look forward to this time:

    Several more furniture items to sink your claws into, craftable at the plinth.
    Many existing furniture items have been redone with the help of Wulf_Oman (thanks!).
    You now sleep on the table instead of floating off to the side of it.
    A new shock spell (subject to changes in the future).
    Two new fur colors: Orange and lavender.
    A new vanity set.
    The pulse glove has a new charge animation.
    No more walking around with naked paws like an indignant! All kineptic now wear a brown pair of undergloves.
    A few new cheek styles.
    Illuminate's wisps no longer go out when hit by a monster or bump into a bush/pixel capsule.

    It's totally possible I forgot something. Let me know if you run into any bugs or if something doesn't seem quite right!


    It appears Starbound's next stable update will not be until 1.0. In other words... a freaking long time. As you would probably expect, I'd like to start messing with staves, scripted items, and all the other fancy bells and whistles that go along with it.

    But this would mean I'd have to develop using the nightly build. My guess is that you all would want to have development continue in the stable build, but let me know your thoughts on this.
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