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Kevin MacLeod Music Pack 10/28/17

As you explore the cosmos, listen to music from everyone's favorite royalty-free music composer!

  1. A major mod overhaul!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    - Reorganized which music tracks play on which planets based first on difficulty (with lower-difficulty planets playing more pleasant/peaceful/calm music, while higher-difficulty planets play more tense/disturbing/menacing music), followed by time of day, then environment.
    - Added music tracks to various space encounters.
    - Added more music tracks than I can list, but the number of music tracks has been expanded to a staggering 211 music tracks!
    - With the introduction of player-customizable space stations to version 1.3 of vanilla Starbound, the Player-Based Space Stations mod has since been discontinued, and thus, addon support for that mod has since been discontinued.
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