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Kangaru Race v0.5A

Kangaruus are abound!

  1. Better Homes and Gardens

    Mostly a cosmetic update with new objects and items.

    * Mod has been made Glad Giraffe compliant! Report any issues you find!
    * Kangaru towns have been updated with new items, objects and features such as plants and paintings that use the new "randomizer" code (any towns made before this version may have slight oddities or glitches due to some objects having new code).
    * A new type of "underground" town has been added, based on the idea that some Kangaru prefer the natural use of resources...
  2. Corgi Conga Update!

    * Mod has been made Please Giraffe compliant! Report any issues you find!
    * All Kangaru's will now start with a Space Corgi be it a classic color or a cosmic variant! More to come in the future!
    * Place-holder armors have been made and will be updated in the future.
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  3. Kangaru Race v0.4C for Upbeat Giraffe

    * Essentially fixes problems related to recent stable release.
    * Kangaru towns are now updated (be aware if entrances act weird).
    * Uncle Kage the cockroach will be your S.A.I.L adviser.
    * Other malicious contents adjustments (no new armor sets for the moment).
    * Cinematic planned for next major update.
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  4. Enraged Koala hotfix 2

    * Fix to objects that can be sat/slept on.
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  5. Enraged Koala hotfix

    * Update to make compatible with latest patch
  6. Kangaru Race v0.4

    * New colors for fur and hair (plus old hair colors)
    * New starting gear
    * New recipes and food
    * New clothes
    * New objects such as prefab furniture and more
    * Tiers 3 and 4 armor available
    * Fixed female body structure
    * Kangaru city is now available for exploring (you'll never never know if you never never go!)
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  7. Angry Koala update!

    * 2 new racial armors
    * New brown fur scheme
    * Fixes applied to coincide with Angry Koala updates new functions.
  8. Craftable tier 4 and above gear fix!

    * Fixed the issue with missing craftable gear of tier 4 and above.
  9. Updates and fixes

    * New avatars and gender icons for character creation screen!
    * All female hair adjustments completed!
    * Male and female bodies have been tidied up.
    * New sounds if injured. OW!
    * New revival animation!
    * Added a modinfo file to coincide with the recent Offended Koala update!
  10. Kangaru Race v0.2

    Corrected the majority of hair sprites for males (might still need some touch-ups). Female hair coming soon in v0.3