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Kaiser Leospike in SDV 1.02

My Indie Game's Character in Stardew Valley!

  1. Modding Progress Goals:

    I am now trying to update this mod to make it a standalone, but I am also been wanting to try to implement even more features to make Kaiser not only unique, but a fun and interesting bachelor for the ladies (or if you want to make it some fangirl's lovey-dovey man fiction, than that's fine by me i guess)

    [upcoming features]
    • Standalone NPC, No more replacements
    • Unique Dialogue for certain times of the year
    • Unique Likes, Dislikes, and Hates
    [planned features]
    • An Introduction Cutscene that features the lovable idiot, it may or may not contain a unique charm or hilarity that may or may not contain a reference to Marvelous' game series, Senran Kagura
    • Unique Heart Events
    • Marriage Candidate with a unique ending (He actually leaves you with a child in care, with a note about how he must return to his homeworld due to an event that can destroy his world)
    • A unique child, Infact, a Human/Spikian Hybrid, he's a human with elf ears and horns, His default name will actually be called Erbeschaft (german for Legacy)
    • Possible Combat Buddy when Traversing Dungeons
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