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Outdated Just Explosives! Explosives 0.2

You'll have a blast! With explosives, you see. These are explosives.

  1. Directional Explosives!

    NEW: "Do you need to get through a thin wall or need a bolthole in a firefight? The wallpiercer is a safe alternative to the adhesive charge - the explosive energy is focused towards the surface to which you attach it instead of expended in all directions!. In this way, you can make a small tunnel, with no danger to yourself!"

    NEW: "This versatile charge can be attached to any surface and pointed in 8 directions. Upon recieving a wired signal, the charge will detonate in that direction. Comes in shotgun and stunning soundwave versions, both of which cause minimal terrain damage."

    Gun Emplacement
    NEW: "The Eightway's big brother - these gun emplacements can also be attached to any surface and rotated as required. Upon receiving a wireless signal, they will continuously fire their payload until the signal is cut off."

    NEW: "Are you tired of digging your own holes? Even with explosives. Here's the solution. This giant rig is called the Earthrifter - upon recieving a wired signal, it will continually emit powerful low-frequency pulses, shattering any material apart with deep vibration. Place it on a back wall and aim it at whatever you want torn apart."
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