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jjcm Farming Mod 73116.30

Farming and more recipes

  1. jjcm farming mod v 73116.30

    fixed a typo and also reduced the amount of olives for the cookedolives.
  2. jjcm farming mod v 73116.30

    Just a fix for this mod. Also added a few new items and as always you need to collect the items again to gain the blueprints to them. Also if you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns, please let me know and hope you enjoy this mod!
  3. jjcm farming mod v 73116.27

    In this update I have added a new crop the oliveplant and also a new crafting station in which you can make oils and wines. I also added recipes that replace the egg with eggshoot. Again, if you have any problems with the mod, or would like to make a suggestion for me to try an implement, please let me know. Also send me your Starbound log file, so I can see what is the issue if any. Thanks again and enjoy!


    1. jjcmfarmingmod.png