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Outdated Jet Tech 1.1

Adds jet-based techs for more variety. Made with v. Offended Koala

  1. Sieve
    This mod adds techs and items with a more "futuristic" look.

    Jet Boost
    An alternative to Butterfly Boost (functionally identical), this tech can be found in the same places the Butterfly Boost can be found.

    Jet Dash
    An upgrade on the dash tech, jet dashing allows movement both horizontally and vertically.
    While not as long-range as the original dash, it is fairly faster and has a lower energy cost for better movement control. Like the Jet Boost, it is found naturally in the universe.

    Dive Kick
    Coming SOON™

    - Better effects on the Jet Boost, namely smoother
    - Jetwing back item for aesthetics
    - Figure out if a function can force movement animation to prevent dashing from a standing position

    Mirror for those that need it:

    Installation Instructions:
    Simply unzip into your "/Starbound/mods" folder
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  1. Jet Dash

Recent Reviews

  1. HoaxRumors
    Version: 1.0
    Having not found techs yet, I didn't really know what the "Butterfly Boost" was that everyone talked about. All I could tell was it was something pretty useful. This Jet Tech makes it look like air-dashing from the Megaman X games, and that's an instant download for me. :D Now if there were just a way to get the game to animate some MMX-esque "dash" animations...