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Jammin' Tracks 2.6

New Update! 207 VGMs for Glad Giraffe! Last Updated July 5th!

  1. 2,000 Downloads update! +14 new songs!

    Jammin' Tracks Version 2.4! Hooray for 2,000
    downloads! 15 new songs!

    *note* Update header reads wrong. 15 songs were added not 14

    OST added in this update contains music from:

    Final Fantasy VII (FF7)
    Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT)
    Metal Gear Solid 3 (MGSSE)
    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (PWAA)
    Phoenix Wright: Trials & Tribulations (PWTT)
    UnderTale (UT)

    Added music:

    *FF7 Boss Theme

    *FF7 Main Theme

    *FF7 Motorcycle Chase

    *FFT Tension

    *MGSSE Snake Eater

    *PWAA Objection!

    *PWTT Court Begins

    *PWTT Godot ~ The Fragrance of Dark Coffee

    *PWTT Hazakurain

    *PWTT Lordly Tailor

    *PWTT Tres Bien

    *UT Nabstablook Fight

    *UT Ruins

    *UT Snowdin Town

    *UT Snowy

    Deposit this mod in the Starbound/giraffe_storage folder in
    the game's directory. Please leave feedback! Thanks!
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