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Jammin' Tracks 2.6

New Update! 207 VGMs for Glad Giraffe! Last Updated July 5th!

  1. +8 songs!

    Jammin' Tracks Version 1.9! 8 new songs!

    OST added in this update contains music from:

    Castle Crashers (CaCr)
    Chrono Cross (CC)
    Final Fantasy IV (FF4)
    Grandia (G)
    Super Paper Mario (SPM)
    Super Smash Bros. Melee (SSBM)
    Xenoblade Chronicles (XC)

    Added music:

    *CaCr Four Brave Champions

    *CC Life ~ Far Away Promise

    *FF4 Zeromus Battle

    *G Mullen

    *SPM Count Bleck's Theme

    *SPM Dimentio Theme

    *SSBM Hyrule Temple

    *XC Imperial Capital, Agniratha (Night)

    Deposit this mod in the Starbound/giraffe_storage folder in
    the game's directory. Please leave feedback! Thanks!
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