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Item/Weapon Frames v1.31 (p1.2)

Mount weapons, armor, and anything else on your wall.

  1. Alternate Frames + Weapon Frames + Crafting Bench

    To keep recipe clutter down, all item frame variants are now made at the Item Frame Bench, which can itself be crafted at the crafting table.

    There are now three variants of the Item Frame - original wooden, grey-scale metallic, and vanishing (which disappears when an item is in it, so just the icon shows up). All of them now shrink weapon/shield sprites to be the same size as general icons.

    Instead, there are three Weapon Frames you can make, which keep the original size of weapons and tools and re-size the plaque to fit. Be a little more sparing with these: until the next stable patch, they eat nontrivial resources to render.

    Also some fixes:
    *Fixed script crashes with bows and saplings
    *Fixed the colorOptions of armor pieces not applying to their icons
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