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Item Broadcaster + Hyper-storage v1.5 (p1.2)

A lightweight system for auto-sorting + Hyperspace multi-containers. Works with any containers!

  1. Buggy update system

    Or maybe I'm just a fool. But this is the ACTUAL update.
  2. Fixed some bugs

    ---Typo fixed, missed escape clause fixed
    ---The beacons should now force the game to keep their immediate region loaded, so they'll function no matter how far away you go
  3. Hyper-storage Beacon and minor bugfixes

    --New Hyper-storage Beacons! Like the Broadcast beacon, craft this at the Wire Bench and place above a container. The contents of said container will now be shared across all similarly tagged containers on the planet!
    --Minor bugfixes. Reception Beacons now properly accept multiple wired Broadcast Beacons, and fixed a small hiccup where the Broadcast Chest would not register its contents as having changed if you added items to a stack.
  4. Full Compatibility and Wiring Support

    --Container Scripts Removed! Now full compatible with anything and everything.
    --Wiring Support Added! The Broadcast chest still has the old scan-within-100-block behavior... until you wire its Broadcast Beacon to some Reception Beacons, in which case it will only transmit to the containers around those, regardless of distance.
    --Animated! Now the involved beacons will light up for a time after a transfer. Also, you can interact with a beacon and it will display its range for a while.