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Item Broadcaster + Hyper-storage v1.5 (p1.2)

A lightweight system for auto-sorting + Hyperspace multi-containers. Works with any containers!

  1. Secondary Sorting Algorithms

    The Broadcast network now supports a secondary sorting algorithm, which you can enable by interacting with the beacon.

    When the network can't find an identical stack, it will look for a chest with a good "fit", by comparing all the items inside and generating an affinity score. This is based on the average similarities of the items in the chest - things like being both instruments or tools, shared weapon types, and shared object tags.

    Making a good sorting algorithm is mighty tricky, so if you see any odd behavior or areas for improvement let me know in the discussion tab.

    The beacons also have upgraded artwork, courtesy of NeoVanAlemania, and transmit accurate depictions of the items being transferred.
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