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Item Broadcaster + Hyper-storage v1.5 (p1.2)

A lightweight system for auto-sorting + Hyperspace multi-containers. Works with any containers!

  1. recipe fix

    This update features a complete re-write of the Hyper-storage Beacon code. This should fix several edge cases with chunk loading that could duplicate or destroy Hyper-storage contents.

    The Hyper-storage containers now respect item slots, so your stuff isn't shuffled around in the chests every time the network updates.

    Legacy Hyper-storage beacons will still function as usual, but the recipe now makes the new ones. I suggest taking a moment to convert any existing networks over.

    I'd like to make Hyper-storage networks which can function across multiple planets, but it isn't possible right now... maybe later.

    Also, there is a new visual effect when the Broadcast networks distribute items. If you pay attention, you can see where the items are being sent.

    Only changed one of the recipes there, whoops. Teleshop will now sell the new Hyper-storage beacons as well.
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