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ItA - Enter the Dragon Temple 1.22

Adds Hylotl Themed Shrine & Cultural Objects

  1. Content Update

    Hi folks!

    Small content update as I put together a few more items and ideas. In an effort to guide the occupation of guard tenants of the proper race without using the tiered furniture, i'm rolling out some combat tagged items to help nudge it along.

    This update:
    Tatami Cutting Mats w/ Stand (Combat Tag)
    Ornate Street Lantern
    Large Wicker Gate
    Traditional Weaving Loom

    More to come!


    1. Dojo2.JPG
    2. StreetLamp.JPG
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  2. Glad Giraffe Update...

    Resource didn't update last upload...
  3. Glad Giraffe

    Updated compatibility with Glad Giraffe - removed Black Dye item from list.

    New Objects:

    Bonsai Cherry Tree
    Sake Barrels - Small & Large

    Shrine Set Items: Keyword Shrine
    New Ornate Shrine Doors Normal & Extra Large Size
    Shrine Bell & Log
    Shrine Arch
    Kodama Statue (4 versions, but need to figure out random assignment).


    1. Shrine3.JPG