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ItA - Enter the Dragon Temple 1.22

Adds Hylotl Themed Shrine & Cultural Objects

  1. Recipe Fixes

    Per messages in the Thread, fixes to the Water Serpent Scroll (no longer interactable) and the kodama & loom recipes (material name errors in the recipe file.)

    Let me know if anything else is having issues.

    Have a happy Halloween!
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  2. Fixed for Compatibility with Tabula Rasa

    Thank you to Crusism for pointing out a recipe inconsistency, fixed the recipes to actually work and not crash. I have Tabula Rasa installed myself and it appears that most of the items are now compatible and craftable through that interface.

    Also, new release of two items:
    Shrine Gate (to replace the simple wooden gate "shrinegate")
    Traditional Hylotl Chest ("hylotlsaisen")
  3. Tools as Artform

    Hi folks. Looks like I was finally able to implement a side project as well now that the code is completed in SB 1.0

    Prepare yourself for Hylotl Decorated Parasols:
    These paper umbrellas are stylish yet functional, slowing your descent during a fall and looking good while doing it. There are three varieties of paper / bamboo umbrellas; blue with hylotl eyes, red with kanji, and white with a lilypad [hylotlparasol1, hylotlparasol2, hylotlparasol3]

    Restored the throwing fish & the...
  4. Blessing of Inari

    What hylotl shrine is complete without a guardian spirit? This fennix statue also serves as a pet tether, summoning the contents of the petball and looking cute at the same time. I made the eyes glow when it's operating :) Let me know if you guys think it's too small, I started with a 3x3 and backed it down to a 2x2 space. Spawn via "fennixtether"

    Extra: Ramen Cart is now wireable and you can turn off the light.

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  5. Oh Fishsticks!

    Just a few things ironed out in this one;
    • Hylotl Loom (hylotlloom) - Fixed & Operable
    • Sake Barrel(s) - (sakebarrel & sakebarrellarge)
    • Water Serpent Fountain fixed (waterserpentfountain)
    • Fish Stick Back Wearable (fishstickback)
    • Tatami Target (cuttingstand) - Now Placeable & Smashable
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  6. Doors, Shrine & Kitchen Sets Completed!


    Ramen Cart is Back!
    3 Varieties of Doors - Large Shrine Door, Large Shrine Gate & Shrine Door
    Various Kitchen Implements - Kamado, Irori, Teapot, Teacup, Cooking Utensils, Bowl, Jug of Sochu, Vinegar Bottle, Spice Mortar
    Kitchen Cabinet Set - Classic Counter, Sink, Cabinet, Sideboard & Two Ceiling cabinets single & double.
    Shrine Set - Bell, Striking Log, Kodama (regular, tall, short 1 & 2), Shimenawa
    Decorations - Koi Fish, Lotus Emblem, Tentacula,
    Furniture - Traditional Stool,...
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  7. Updating Content to V. 1.1

    Hi Folks,

    Been away a while and returned to see Starbound go to version 1.0, decided to finally bring at least some of my old content current. Will hopefully be updating things now that I know what is currently in game.

    Glad to see the katana rack was incorporated into the main version!

    The following items are updated and operational: (only usable through admin codes atm until I update the recipe path to work with the new crafting system...)

    Arcturan Papyrus
    Bonsai - 3 Varieties...
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  8. Minor Fixes

    Correction to teacup file, hopefully it will prevent things from crashing for those who are getting it. Technically I duplicated the file with the old name, it should prevent the crash.

    Also fixed two PGI's I saw in the fishline recipes.

    More content and new tenants coming soon.
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  9. Way of the Water Serpent

    Hi folks!

    Major content update here, tons of new furniture, crafting stations, items, decorations, tags & other things. Major additions include: Recipe discovery system, NEW Pottery Wheel Crafting Station, 1H & Throwable Weapons, New Crafting Recipes for nearly everything in the Mod, Traditional Hylotl themed Kitchen Furniture.

    Unlock the secrets of the Water Serpent with your own Calligraphy Brush.


    Craft the ancient...
  10. Recipe Fixes & Kodama!

    Updated and patched player.config file to add new items contained in this mod to Tier 1 crafting recipes. Most of the normal hylotl village items should now be available without the use of admin commands. The Guardian & Shrine Items do not have recipes yet, but will soon at higher Tiers.

    New Items:
    Kodama Family - Tall, medium, short, shorter kodama base.png
    Tentacula - An animate plant native to the Hylotl homeworld jellyurchinoriginal.png