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ItA - Enter the Dragon Temple 1.22

Adds Hylotl Themed Shrine & Cultural Objects

  1. The Fishmonger's Return!

    Hi folks. Big update here!

    The fishmonger makes his return with this update. He sells a plethora of sea fishing related food, tools and decorative objects. Complete with new npc & tenant type that take advantage of the "fishing" tag placed on numerous items in the mod. Also created a fish stick back object & market stall for him to call his own.


    You may notice our hero & his fish peddling friend sitting rather low at the table... there are now two Zabuton Cushions available with a much lower sitting height, one matches the lily decor & the other is wicker.

    To top it all off I've also added a new submersible farm crop in the "Quasihog". This interstellar oyster loves nutrient rich thermal vents and shallow river deltas. While edible, they are often cultivated for their sizable pearls. There are a few recipes to try out as well.

    That's about it until next time. Enjoy your builds!


    1. Quasihog.JPG
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